Our Schools App

It is an app for your school, that allows teachers to communicate with parents in a private and secure environment. while keeping them updated with information, news, calendar events, and contact information.

Our Schools App empowers teachers and administrators by giving them a single app for communication, coordination and community building.

Why does your school need an app?


These days many people run their lives from their phone - messaging, planning and generally making stuff happen. But when it comes to dealing with their child’s school, things aren’t always as convenient.

An app helps you to communicate with them in a way that fits in with their lives, and in a way, that’s easy for you to manage


Easy Administration

Designed to provide an at a glance view of what’s coming up at school and a chance to let them see the latest news too.

Your Schools branding

Our school App is branded with your school emblem, photos, and colors making the app truly yours. 

Powerful Communication

Delivering great communication tools to help build strong family/school partnerships is at the core of our school's app platform 

A great range of features built in

Teacher to parent messaging

Our Schools App enables teachers to have fast and controlled messaging to the parents of their class.

Without using phone numbers or emails they can share the important information daily activities, meeting times and reminders.

• A safe, private platform.
• Remind parents of up coming events.
• Reach one or more parents or the whole class.
• Send behaviour reports home.
• The teacher maintains control over all conversations.
• Advance planning with scheduled posts.

All the features you school needs


This is where parents land when they open your school app. Designed to provide an at a glance view of what’s coming up at school and a chance to let them see the latest news too

  • Your branding

  • Information​

  • Key dates

  • What's coming up

  • Latest news

  • Quick links menu


An advanced system with One Yearly Cost






School budgets are tight, so Our School's App has launched its Sponsorship solution. This enables your school to have up to TEN sponsors on your app. These could be local businesses, a real estate agent, your local bank for example or parents within the school.


With your assistance we decide the cost of the sponsorship slot, so not only can you cover the cost of Our Schools App, your school can actually generate additional funds. Sponsors of your app will be seen as supporting their local school and also have their brand visible on the app to be viewed by the entire school community.

Local Business

Sponsorship Plan

There are no set-up fees and a dedicated staff member will personally manage your entire sign up process.


No Cost To School
Have up to 10 sponsors in your app

The Sponsors Can Parents or Local Businesses
You set the cost of each sponsor slot
We'll add sponsors ad to your app
Your school gets the sponsorship fees less the app fee 
We'll provide sponsorship material
Benefits to Sponsors
Supporting their Local School
Their ad displayed in the app
High visibility for their brand

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